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Here at Bloomingdale Psychological Services, we believe that one's therapeutic journey is as personal and unique as each and every one of us.  We have found greater success working collaboratively with our clients to set goals while also being sensitive to each individual's distinct set of values, preferences, abilities, beliefs, needs, and motivation.  We then draw from and integrate different schools of psychological theory and research to offer our clients a more comprehensive and dynamic experience.  With this more progressive and inclusive therapeutic modality, our practice offers coordination of treatment with psychiatry and psychopharmacology, to provide our clients with a holistic-approach to treatment, tailored to your specifications.

Today, it is clear that we are all facing a unique set of challenges amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are forced to try to navigate a crisis of which none of us has experienced before, and that uncertainty and fear can quickly become all-consuming.  Putting aside the obvious stresses and concerns surrounding a global pandemic (health, economy, etc.), we are also experiencing growing pressures to fulfill new roles in our day-to-day lives.  Parents are having to become teachers, many must now juggle working from home, and our personal relationships have to be maintained through awkward social-distancing.  This acute stress and isolation can be devastating to live with.  Why suffer any longer?  Give us a call today.



In today's ever-changing and complex world, we are proud to have evolved our treatment platform to include virtual psychotherapy sessions.  Our virtual sessions are completely confidential and this option is available to both new and existing clients.  Don't let social distancing get in the way of your mental and emotional well-being!



Bloomingdale Psychological Services offers Integrative Psychotherapy, in the form of individual, couples, or group sessions, that is goal-based and client-focused.  We are a compassionate and accomplished group of clinicians who is committed to the unique challenges of supportive self-exploration and advancement.  Whether you are a novice to therapy or you are experienced advocate, we are prepared and motivated to work together to maximize your success.

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Hours & Fees

All sessions are by appointment only.  We can be flexible to fit your schedule, and offer day and evening appointments.  Insurance reimbursement for most medical plans is available.  For appointments and further information, please call: 610-353-2520 or 610-937-1220

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